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We offer a complete service. starting from FREE advice on which stove will best suit your requirements, All the way through to the rain cap on top of your new flue system...
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"Wayne was very thorough in planning and carrying out the work. He kept us informed of costs and was generous with the advice he gave."
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Welcome to Wayne Stride Fires

Heating Engineers in Lymington, Hampshire

If you're looking for something a little special or simply trying to find a stove to fit your opening, we can help.

At Wayne stride fires we know that heat and fire are something central and important to the home, therefore we believe it is important that you find just the right stove for your home.

There are incredible ranges of stoves and wood burning stoves to choose from in today's market place and as professionals we are able to advise on the most suitable stove for you.

Technology has improved many aspects of stove use and appearance. Wood burning stoves are available in a variety of styles that vary from contemporary to traditional-looking models, and are made from a range of materials; cast iron, plate steel, sheet metal, or a combination of these materials.

We are an established, Competent registered, and HETAS approved company.

Whatever your needs may be - from friendly advice to full system installation - we will do everything possible to ensure that your experience with us will be a pleasant and fuelling one, with your needs and expectations completely satisfied.

If you would like to know more about wood burning or multifuel stove installation or would like to talk to an installer, please contact us.

Customers using a HETAS Registered Installer will be given a HETAS certificate of compliance on the completion of installation work.

This is of great help in demonstrating that the job was carried out by a competent individual, working for HETAS registered business. The information on the form is used to record your installation and in England and Wales it is used to notify your local Authority Building Control Department of the work that was undertaken.

This self certification by competent registered installers takes the place of a Local Authority Building Notice which could cost you a significant amount of money (sometimes up to £300). The HETAS installer is charged a small fee by HETAS for this service but much less than the charges incurred if you seek a Building Notice via the Local Authority.

The information will be available to Solicitors in any home selling process and in future may be used in the proposed Home Information Pack (HIP). Failure to notify the local Authority (slight variations in process exist between England and Wales and Scotland), can be an offered resulting in action being taken against Householders or the installer.

In England & Wales Regulation 16A of the Building Regulations 2000 was amended in 2004 and places a duty on HETAS Registered Installers to give the property owner a certificate stating that the work carried out by the installer complies with Regulations 4 and 7 of the Building Regulations.

The HETAS Ltd Certificate of Compliance has been revised to accommodate this amended requirement and has been endorsed by the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG).

The HETAS Ltd Certificate should only be completed to show compliance with the Building Regulations if the work undertaken is associated with the installation of a "controlled service" i.e. installation of a solid fuel appliance or fireplace.