What We Offer
We offer a complete service. starting from FREE advice on which stove will best suit your requirements, All the way through to the rain cap on top of your new flue system...
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"Wayne was very thorough in planning and carrying out the work. He kept us informed of costs and was generous with the advice he gave."
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If you have any questions or would like more information on the services we provide, please contact us...
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What We Can Offer

Stoves, Fireplaces and Chimneys

Wood Burning Stove in Lymington

You have a legal obligation and moral duty to yourself and your family to ensure your stove has been fitted properly and safely. It is essential that a qualified fitter installs your stove for you.

It is not something you should attempt on a DIY basis. The fitting of a stove is critical and attempting an installation without expert knowledge can be extremely dangerous - in enclosed environments and spaces, it can even cause death through smoke or carbon monoxide poisoning. Never attempt your own installation.

We offer a complete service. starting from FREE advice on which stove will best suit your requirements, All the way through to the rain cap on top of your new flue system.

If your stove installation does not fully comply with the manufacturer's fitting instructions, then you might find your household insurance has been invalidated. If you do not have your stove fitted by a qualified fitter in the first instance, you will struggle to find somebody willing to help you should problems arise. The last person to touch your stove system is legally responsible for it. If you install your own stove and something goes wrong this could mean legal action is taken against you and in extreme situations, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, you could be held wholly responsible. A registered fitter will always work in line with current legislation and ensure your stove is installed correctly and safely.

Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality products at highly competitive prices whilst proving excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on the high standard of customer service given by our dedicated team. Our fireplace knowledge is second to none. We are not commission based so there is never the hard sell, we want to provide you, the customer, with the right product for you not the most expensive item we have *A multifuel stove is not only a focal point, but provides manageable heat and comfort, offering up to 4 times the efficiency of an open fire, where most of the heat escapes up the chimney! A stove is much cleaner and safer than an open fire, and most can be kept running overnight; also the tedious job of clearing ashes every morning is eliminated.

We are available Monday to Saturday between 9:00am and 5:00pm

We offer a thorough survey/consultation service to ensure that your chosen product can be installed in your home. We then provide you with a written quotation confirming the method of installation and the 'all important' cost

Whether for a small Sitting room or a large Drawing room, whether for an existing house or a New Build, we can offer a full advise-and-supply or advise, supply and install service. Installation of new chimney systems, or chimney-lining is all part of our service.

All our fires and stoves are selected from the UK's leading manufacturers and importers for their quality and style, whether for traditional or contemporary settings.

What we can offer

Our services include:

  • Initial home survey & impartial advice
  • Design & specification of your wood burning stove
  • Chimney re-lining specialists
  • Chimney system specialists
  • Any necessary building works and fireplace alterations Re-instating capped off chimneys
  • Chimney re-builds

Fully qualified installation with HETAS certification

  • 316 Flexible
  • All Parts
  • 904 flexible
  • Ridged Flames
  • ICS, SFL, Selkrik
  • Through Houses & walls
  • Midtherm
  • Poujoulat Ti/Zi
  • Contemporary
  • Cooker ranges
  • Multifuel Stoves
  • Double sided
  • Repairs
  • Resharping fireplaces
  • Brickwork
  • Structural work
  • Rendering & Plastering
Chimney Re-build
  • Chimney
  • Repointing
  • Chimney Parts
  • Footings
  • Brickwork
  • Granite, Marble
  • Slate, Brick, Stone
  • Limestone, Wooden

Assistance - have you still got questions?

If you've still got questions or would like to discuss your own personal requirements before a home survey.

Please don't hesitate to call us. Please visit our contact page for phone numbers.